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  Stone Grills - The ideal way to cook healthily

Clean the stone with warm/hot water before first use and dry thoroughly. Do not use detergents

Before use each time lightly wipe the top of the stone (side with groove) with olive oil or vegetable oil

Place the stone into a cool oven and heat to 250oC (450o F gas mark 9 ) for at leat 60 minutes so that it reaches an ideal cooking temperature.

CAUTION Do not try to heat the stone in a microwave oven!!

Whilst the stone is heating, fill the burners with chafing (cooking) gel - do not overfill - Place the burners on the burner stand.

Place the chrome stone tray on the burner stand ensuring that the anti tilt safety devices (legs) are fully engaged on the burner stand.

For safety reasons NEVER put the stone directly onto a table - Always use suitable thick table mats

Remove the stone from the oven using thick heat protected oven gloves or pads whenever handling the stone. WARNING do not touch the stone or rack as all surfaces of the Stone and wire rack will be extremely hot and may BURN you and anything that comes into contact with.

Place the heated stone on the burner stand making sure that it fully connects with the stand and is level.

The stone will stay at cooking heat for 35/45 minutes but the cooking time can be extended by about 30 minutes by using the burners

Light the burners with a long taper or gas lighter avoiding contact with the hot stone or rack. Adjust the burners by sliding the handle to the right and left until the burners burn without noticable smoke. It is very important to ensure that the burners are evenly balanced so that "hot" and "cold" spots are not created in the stone as this is the most common cause of the stones splitting or cracking

Heat the stone for a couple of minutes with the burners before starting to cook on it to make sure that the burners are alight and are adjusted evenly

If the burners go out be careful when relighting and use long tapers or a candle lighter ( see our website) as the stone will be very hot and will burn if touched

Estimated burning time for full burners is 60 minutes. Periodically check the adjustment of the burners to ensure that they are correctly balanced

Before cooking (if desired) sprinkle a little rock salt onto the stone

You can now grill meat, fish, seafood, vegetables, fruit or bread on the stone, in fact almost anything is suitable for cooking on the stone.

Do not use cooking oil or butter for cooking, always place your food directly onto the stone and turn immediately to seal in the flavours.

The natural juices are sufficient to enhance and optimise flavour and cook the food tender with less fat

Cook turning frequently to avoid the food sticking and until the food is cooked to your individual taste

You can clean the grill using a clean scraper between courses

Once you have finished cooking extinguish the burners and leave the stone to cool for at least 4 hours before cleaning.

DO NOT accelerate the cooling by adding cold water as this will damage the stone.

Do not attempt to remove the stone and rack from the burner stand until the stone is completely cool

To clean the stone once it has cooled down completely wash in warm water using a scraper to remove any stubborn deposits you can add some vinegar to the water to move any really stubborn deposits.

Do not use detergents as these will remove the flavours which build up on the stone during cooking

Please note this stone is a natural product and may change colour with use.

Similarly any marks or cracks that may appear in the surface of the stone are natural fault lines and do not in any way affect the strength or performance of the stone



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