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  Stone Grills - The ideal way to cook healthily
  Stone Grills - Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can I use the stone grill if I don't have an oven to heat it in?

A: Yes you can heat the stone grill using the spirit burners It will take a little longer to reach the ideal cooking temperature.

Q: Can I cook foods with marinades and sauces on the stone grill?

A: Yes but remember if you coat foods with very wet or thick marinades you may experience some spitting and also run off of excess liquid and the marinade or sauce may be transferred to other foods you are cooking

Q: Is it true that I should not cook with oil or fat on my stone grill?

A: Yes just wipe the stone with a small amount of oil before cooking. If you use oil or fat you may experience some run off of excess liquid

Q: Can I cook vegetables and fruit on the stone grill?

A: Vegetables and fruit can be cooked of the stone grill but remember because of the cooking temperature they will cook very quickly

Q: Can I cook thick steaks on the stone grill?

A: Remember that just as with conventional cooking the thicker the piece of meat the longer it will take to cook right through. It may be better to "butterfly" the steak or cook it in smaller pieces

Q: Can I get spare spirit burners and spare stones?

A: A whole range of replacement parts are available


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